“Shakespeare at Mardi Gras” [A sonnet by Paul Burgess]

“Shakespeare at Mardi Gras”
Shall I compare thee to the Mardi Gras?
For thy enjoyment rarely comes to rest.
As cats at balls of yarn, thy hands oft paw
Thy blouse to bare to lookers-on a breast.
Thou grantest jesters their profoundest wish
And satisfy the chefs awash in grease
Who toil to fry another plate of fish.
The seamen searching for divine release
All know that fulfillment of fiery needs
They’ll rapidly, at little cost, receive
For giving thee a string of plastic beads.
…Though’ to all Adams play thee willing Eve,
The Quarter’s Pearl* you’ll always be,
So long as breath remains inside of thee.


Inspired by the Steely Dan song “Pearl of the Quarter,” which seems to be about a hooker in the French Quarter with whom the protagonist falls in love:


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