5 Limericks a Day [to Keep the Dr. Away] By Paul O’Burgess (Day 13)

“A Wife’s Warning”
“If you forget to water my plants,
You’ll discover some pins in your pants.
You won’t know when or where
‘til you sit in a chair
And regret not wat’ring my plants.”

“An Odd Duck”
There was once a man who would stare
At objects that really weren’t there.
He’d stare at his wife,
The love of his life—
A gal made of delusions and air.

A boy who resembled a fish
Was captured then served as a dish.
‘Twas a pity he died
Once salted and fried
By a lady who’d thought him a fish.

A boy who resides near the brooks
Is having some trouble with hooks.
He should probably wait
‘til he masters the bait
Before he tries baiting more hooks.

There’s a lad with a cow for a pet
Who once asked, when his heart was upset,
“Oh, cow, what shall I do?
The cow’s answer was “Moo!”
He’s since “mooed’ at all people he’s met.




9 thoughts on “5 Limericks a Day [to Keep the Dr. Away] By Paul O’Burgess (Day 13)

    1. paulwhitberg Post author

      Thank you! I feel like the Limericks I posted on days 1 and 2 are much better. The deeper I get into my “limerick vaults,” the lower the quality. In any case, limericks are great fun to write and demonstrate–yet again–what poetic form can do, i.e. inspire us to combine words in interesting ways that would not normally occur to us. One of my neglected muses is the nonsense master Edward Lear. Are you familiar with him?


      1. Dawne Webber

        No I’m not familiar with Edward Lear, but I will google him. My kids and I like writing limericks together. I’m always surprised by their stuff. It’s the proud mommy in me.


  1. mistermuse

    Paul, poems that “rhyme” with the same word
    (“plants”/”fish”/”hooks”), I usually give the bird,
    but “A Wife’s Warning” is so good, it’s absurd.
    “Fishboy” and “Fisherboy” should be seen and not heard.

    Love “An Odd Duck” and “Cowboy”!


    1. paulwhitberg Post author

      For some bizarre reason, limericks are my favorite poems to write. Some of them are awful, but I’m kind of proud of a few that I posted during the first few days of my “5 Limericks a Day” series:)



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