I Have a Muse. It’s Dr. Seuss.

Dawne shares some valuable thoughts on poetry and a clever poem of her own.

Dawne Webber

I took a college level course in creative writing over the summer. A few hours of class were devoted to reading poetry. Except for two tokens poems by Robert Frost, they were all free verse.

I liked some of the free verse but personally, I have a fondness for the classics: Tennyson, Dickinson, Frost. Free verse reigned supreme in class though.  A little bit of pompous literary bias going on, but I overlooked it.

Until we were told to write three poems. That was literally the extent of our instruction into writing poetry. I’ve made the foray into poetry a few times on this blog. Actually, it’s fauxetry because I have no idea how to write poetry. Except for the rhyming. I rhyme and meter with the best of them.

But rhyming was frowned upon. So I tried my hand at free verse. Words flowed out of me, oh so…

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2 thoughts on “I Have a Muse. It’s Dr. Seuss.

    1. paulwhitberg Post author

      My pleasure. I think it’s a bit goofy for people to decide that the poetic conventions of the Modernist period to the present should determine what counts as poetry…especially when the modernist and postmodernist periods have produced SO FEW MEMORABLE POEMS. Previous poets created the cultural capital of their nations, while current poets often churn out pretentious, self-absorbed tripe that a only few academics–of the sort I used to be–will ever read.

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