“Exiled from the Planet of Apes” [a Sonnet from Mars]

By Paul Burgess (in response to the prompt: “Longing for Gravity”):http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/longing-for-gravity/

I now regret insulting you, dear ape,
With adjectives including “dirty,” “damn,”
And others lips won’t allow to escape.
If only words expressed how changed I am,
How diff’rent from the man you sent to space—
That man was arrogant and full of hate;
This one desires a primate’s warm embrace
But finds his change has happened far too late.

While mourning Earth from lonely, distant Mars,
I think of all the fun we could have shared—
Enjoying jokes and drinks at monkey bars
And seeing who would do what others dared.
I hope you’ll find you can one day forgive
And peacefully on Earth we all will live.


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