“Fame in Marriage”

Part I: Stanza 6 of “The New House of Fame”
Perhaps the surest way to find the House—
Aside from being born behind its doors—
Is to become a famous person’s spouse.
Your fans will multiply like fertile spores
If you become a star’s domestic louse
Or follow him or her on promo tours.
You’ll be the House’s queen or king
By virtue of your royal wedding ring.

The stanza is likely more enjoyable in its original context:



2 thoughts on ““Fame in Marriage”

    1. paulwhitberg Post author

      Yes! Although Chaucer gave me the idea, I must confess that the poem has much more in common with the work of Byron. I have wanted to write this poem for a while, but–until seeing how brilliantly Byron handled ottava rima in *Don Juan*–I had no idea regarding where to begin and which form to use.

      Thank you, as always, for your reading and taking the time to comment:)



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