“Public Service”

or “Thank our Lucky Stars”; from Part II of The New House of Fame by Paul “Whitberg” Burgess

By serving nations and society,
You’ll justify your fame (if not your birth).
You’ll teach the youth of safe sobriety
By driving drunk on alcoholic mirth–
Then paying fines with promised piety
and volunteering hours of boundless worth.
In ads, you’ll tell the children, “Stay in school!”
While proving that it pays to be a fool.



5 thoughts on ““Public Service”

    1. paulwhitberg Post author

      I am thrilled whenever someone enjoys my work enough to nominate me. Encouragement from readers is what inspired me to keep writing poetry. Before May, I thought of myself as a prose essayist with no poetic ability. Thank you so much!


    2. paulwhitberg Post author

      I will post the award sometime in the next few days. Again, thank you so much!

      While discussing Victorian lit. with a colleague, I mentioned that I had come across a continuation of *Jane Eyre*:) I will direct her to your book on Amazon.



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