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“Beyond Absurd”

Absurdity is flowing through my veins,
And, when they’re mined, it freely rains
Along with blood and other stuff I bleed.
If you enjoy these poems that you read,
I want no shiny payment for my pains.
If not, I’ll see that you are promptly billed
For each and ev’ry precious drop I’ve spilled.

Inspired by a comment made by Luccia Gray [ http://lucciagray.com


“Ann the Famous and John the Unknown”

imageBelow is a poetic recap of this epic tale of heroism and obscurity:
Ann the Famous, John the boy unknown—
The girl’s a perfect hero on a throne.
While John of ants and gravity has died,
The fame of Ann is trav’ling far and wide.

Paul Burgess

[The child’s handwritten story was first shared by storytimewithjohn.com:  http://storytimewithjohn.com/2014/05/31/ann-the-famous-and-john-the-unknown-part-ii/

I never expected to write anything inspired by a preteen in Korea…

Ann the Famous and John the Unknown (Part II)

For reasons I can’t explain, this delightfully odd piece [from  http://storytimewithjohn.com ] made me laugh quite a bit:

John Lee Taggart


I am well past the point of attempting to understand these ramblings. 

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