“To My Lucky Readers”

You reading prose and poetry I write
Belong among the fortunate of Earth—
But not because I share profound insight
And not because my work’s of special worth.
Then why? Because some person clearly cared
Enough to see you’d have the skills you’d need
To understand what other minds have shared
And freely water learning’s fertile seed.
The food by which a hungry head’s enriched
Might rest untouched atop your dinner plate
If birth had found you and another switched
By circumstance, a god, or luckless fate.
When filled with pride for all the things you’ve learned,
Reflect on your advantages unearned.

an Elizabethan sonnet by Paul “Whitberg” Burgess


8 thoughts on ““To My Lucky Readers”

    1. paulwhitberg Post author

      Thank you! I’m glad that readers are responding well to the piece. It was inspired by my transition from teaching at colleges and universities to teaching at an adult education center. When I sat down to write a poem, I suddenly realized how lucky I am to be able to read and write. Illiteracy is not–despite what many think–a problem faced only in impoverished nations. Many people in the U.S. were never taught to read.

      Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment:)



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