“Dr. Bug and the Skunk Man Read Steinbeck While Stopping at a Mole Hole on the Way to Church”

“[They call me] Dr. Bug”
A chemist invented some drugs
For transforming his foes into bugs.
Some exist now as bees,
While others, as fleas,
Are residing on dogs and in rugs.

“Skunk Man”
Once, after becoming quite drunk,
A man returned home with a skunk.
His wife said it could stay
But she sent him away
Because of the way that he stunk.

“Moose Man” or “Of Moose and Men”
There’s a man who resides in a spruce
Who surely has a screw or two loose.
He smashes his toes,
Puts pins in his nose,
And often pretends he’s a moose.

“The Mole Hole”
A young lady has got her a mole
that spends all its life near a hole.
I’ve seen it before,
Around her backdoor,
When I helped with installing a pole.

“A Sheepish Boy, or a Pastor and his Flock”
An old shepherd attempted to keep
A boy who resembled a sheep.
The boy was so sad
‘til seeing his dad
Who’d come to correct that old creep.

5 limericks by Paul Burgess [an animal-themed edition of “5 Limericks a Day”]


11 thoughts on ““Dr. Bug and the Skunk Man Read Steinbeck While Stopping at a Mole Hole on the Way to Church”

    1. paulwhitberg Post author

      I’m thrilled that you enjoyed them. Limericks are the main form I use; in fact, my blog was originally going to be a place to post my hundreds of limericks.


      1. paulwhitberg Post author

        The encouragement you provided on the Abecedarian and mythological poetry partly influenced my early attempts to try something other than limericks. For years, all I had written was literary and cultural analysis.


      2. mbarkersimpson

        You certainly have an innate wisdom when it comes to that area of your work, but I’m glad you branched out, because I enjoy all aspects of your poetry. Having just read a piece of your prose, I see that skills translates across 🙂


      3. paulwhitberg Post author

        I cannot easily express how much every word of encouragement means to me. For years, I wrote almost nothing because I thought no one would enjoy reading my work.


      4. mbarkersimpson

        I can relate to that feeling, as I’m sure any other writer could. I’m so glad you decided to share your work. It’s important to be able to express ourselves, especially when we have a gift that can inspire others. This community is the best place to do it, because who can appreciate that talent better than our readers?


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